Eight ways an MSP can help with an AI solution

Eight ways an MSP can help with an AI solutionAI, on its own, is a complex tool. It is also a tool that can be misapplied. Remember, the term artificial is key. To be used effectively and wisely, AI needs to be applied by someone with experience using it in your particular business.

AI: Marketing and other sample uses- A quick introduction

AI: Marketing and other sample uses- A quick introduction As you are likely very aware, Artificial Intelligence has become a real attention getter in the business world, as well as public media. One cannot be looking at the news everyday without coming across some article discussing AI. However, just because something is a fad, doesn't mean that it is either new or something everyone needs.

Marketing and AI

Marketing and AISuddenly, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). It is constantly in the news now. It suddenly is looming like some intimidating Terminator. However, AI is not a toggle switch that was suddenly turned on one day this year.

The 5 most common data backup solutions

For any business, data is more than just information; it’s an invaluable asset that drives decision-making and strategy. Losing data can result in massive setbacks and even threaten the very existence of your organization. This is where data backup solutions come into play — they provide a way to securely store and retrieve important data […]

Why Migrate to the Cloud

Why Migrate to the CloudIf you haven't already considered migrating your data storage to the cloud, you are probably in the minority of businesses. While it may seem intuitive that somehow your data is safer if it is stored “ at home,” on location at the site of your business, that probably is not correct.

Are your passwords strong enough?

While there are many security measures one can take, the most basic but also crucial step in protecting your online presence involves creating strong passwords. However, many people still don’t know what specifically constitutes a strong and secure password. The importance of secure passwords for your business While many personal accounts are password-protected, securing your […]

Protecting Your Data on the Cloud

Protecting Your Data on the CloudCloud storage has transformed the way businesses store and manage data, but for some, it also raises concerns about data protection. This blog post discusses a few security measures that can be deployed when using cloud storage.

Your Cloud Questions: Answered

Your Cloud Questions: AnsweredThe cloud is now the preferred method for data storage. However, justified or not, there are a few worries you might have about migrating to a cloud solution.Isn’t my data safer at home?While cloud storage offers enhanced security measures, organizations may still have reservations regarding the privacy and protection of their data.