Backup and Disaster Recovery

The biggest disaster is being unprepared

Your data backups are the only thing standing between your company and total catastrophe, should something happen to the original copies. For businesses that aren’t prepared, a hurricane, flood, tornado or even a hacker attacker can prove to be significant blows from which they aren’t able to recover from. That’s because without key data and files, it’s impossible for your business to operate. However, having the proper backup and disaster recovery precautions in place can make sure you avoid that outcome.

Backup and Disaster Recovery from DataNet Systems, Inc gives you:

  • Data backup and recovery - critical data is always safe and ready to go
  • Fast file and email recovery - get back to business and avoid prolonged downtime
  • Failed servers virtualization - reduce downtime by getting virtual servers up
  • Remote offsite storage - data is secure and compliant at our offsite facility
  • Built-in archiving - a cost-effective and reliable alternative to tape backups
  • 24/7 monitoring - we’ll always be watching your data

DataNet Systems offers disaster recovery planning, data backup and recovery, remote off-site storage, virtualization of failed servers solutions and business continuity planning to make sure you never have to worry about losing everything.

Let us take care of your backups, so you can focus on what’s next for your company instead of ‘what-if’.