Email & Spam Protection

You need more than just a spam folder

We are always a little stunned when people come in and tell us they have spam protection...the one that came with their email client. That’s because these offer the most basic of protection and even entry-level hackers and phishers now how to bypass them. That’s why it’s important you have a professional grade Email & Spam Protection system in place. With DataNet Systems guarding your email, you will have a reliable and secure email system without having to worry about the safety issues that can bring your company to a standstill.

Email Protection from DataNet Systems lets your business have:

  • Unmatched security – we will evaluate each email that comes your way to make sure dangerous links or attachments don’t infiltrate your business
  • Spam-free mail - junk emails won’t ever slip through the cracks and into your inbox thanks to us
  • Simple email systems – get complete email indexing and easy access to your data
  • Smart search and storage features – flexible search options plus attachment and message archiving makes finding the info you need easy

Our Email Protection gives your company the best possible defense from all the harmful attacks that will present themselves to your staff via email. Your company’s email will always be safe and secure under the watch of DataNet Systems.

Don’t take a risk by having basic Email & Spam Protection. We will make sure your company has the communication it needs with the security it requires.